3 Ways to Leap into Relaxation


Happy Leap Day! Americans recognize leap year as the year that president’s are elected. Leap year is a time in which the calendar is synched with the Earth. We want the calendar and the seasons of the year to line up. It takes exactly 365.2422 days for the earth to completely orbit the sun. Our calendar, which is the Gregorian calendar, only accounts for 365 days. So, where does the other .2422 time of each day go? We add the time back to the calendar in the form of an extra day.

Living a relaxed lifestyle also requires us to re-synch our body, mind, and spirit. Years ago, manufacturing companies closed down their plants for 2 weeks to re-tool and service the equipment. The employees would vacation with their families before getting back to the grind. They used this time to rest, to relax and to enjoy their families.

The pressures of life cause employees to realize the need to re-synch more often. Here are three areas in which to start.

Take the stress off of your body. Eating healthily, exercising and getting adequate rest de-stresses the body. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and whole grains. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the body. Eat to live! Walking is a fabulous and easy way to exercise and to relieve stress. You may walk; go to the gym, or jump rope in the garage. Our bodies need rest in order to repair itself. Establish a nighttime routine that encourages sleep. Turn off the cell phone, turn off the lights, and get rid of all illuminating devices. Turn the temperature down as cool environments facilitate sleep.

Calm your busy mind. The brain uses a great deal of energy. Do you feel tired when you think long and hard? Balance is the key to a calm mind. Begin by being intentional about your thoughts during the day. Focus on being non-judgmental and accepting. Negative thoughts breed negative feelings and drain us of energy. “It is what it is.” Use your skills to address your concerns without incendiary commentaries or thoughts. Manage your feelings by acknowledging them and then releasing them.

Feed your inner self. Just as we take care of our minds and bodies, it is vital that we take care of our inner selves. This may take on any form that fits your lifestyle or belief. Listen to encouraging messages; spend time in nature, fellowship at a church, synagogue or mosque, listen to uplifting music. You may read and meditate on the holy book or your faith. It is important to cultivate your faith.

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