Have You Abandoned Your Dreams

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The dreams and desires you hold make up your personal/professional life vision. Your personal/professional vision is defined as your expected outcome for your life. All of your actions, thoughts or behaviors should target your expected outcome. Unfortunately as we age, life events cause us to forget, discard or put our dreams on hold. We resign ourselves to a more realistic, traditional existence. The dreams and desires of our childhood or youth remain embedded in our hearts and we lament the loss.

Consider your current professional life and career. Do you have career dreams that have not been realized? The following exercise will help you determine whether your dreams are a part of your current professional life.

Find pictures of yourself during different eras of your life. (i.e. elementary age, middle or high school age, young adult, present)
For each era, spend some time reminiscing and contemplating your life at that age. Here are a few questions to get you started:
What was life like for me then?
What was my absolute favorite activity? Why?
With whom did I enjoy spending time? Why?
What did I do that made me feel great?
What activity or friend do miss the most? Why?

Consider these questions for each picture:
For this era, do my job responsibilities incorporate my favorite activity?
Compared to this era, does my current work environment include people I enjoy?
Compared to this era, am I able to do things on my job that make me feel great?
How do I compensate for an activity or friend I miss the most?

Are you finding disparities between your dreams and your current life? I would like to help. Let’s talk to start you on a journey to make those dreams your reality.


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