Actions that Advance Your Career

For REAL Social Workers 16 Actions to Build the Career You Want

Hard work is the key to building a successful first or second career.  The following suggestions will enable you to build a long term, satisfying and enjoyable career.

1.>      >Write a career/personal mission statement.

2.>      >Develop an action plan with personalized outcomes.

3.>      >Periodically assess progress and revamp plan as necessary.

4.>      >Identify, use and perfect your gifts, skills, and abilities.

5.>      >Spend time on what is most important to you.

6.>      >Find your niche.

7.>      >Connect with people who share common interests.

8.>      >Be open to and consider diverse points of view.

9.>      >Step out of your comfort zone.

10.>  >Welcome and accept constructive criticism.

11.>  >Mistakes occur; learn from them and move on.

12.>  >Choose a mentor who loves your chosen profession.

13.>  >Conduct business with integrity and treat others respectfully.

14.>  >Freely share helpful information; you will gain friends and look like an expert.

15.>  >Ask for and accept help when needed.

16.>  >Be gracious.

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