Are Poor Communication Skills Sabotaging Your Career?

Businessman interviewing a young woman

I know talented people who have been overlooked for promotion or demoted because of their poor communication skills. They are knowledgeable and creative; they also dress impeccably. Unfortunately, when they speak or write, the grammar is poor; the words are garbled and the message is lost. We are judged by our ability to express a message in clear, concise and correct language.

Organizations want and need individuals who favorably represent and clearly express its message. Resources to improve communication skills are available to individuals, who are grammar and language deficient. Utilize these resources to develop and improve your basic communication skills.

The following writing and speaking skills are critical for career success:
• Use of the correct word in the correct context
• Ability to pronounce and or spell words correctly
• Ability to form grammatically correct sentences
• Express and expound using clear, concise explanations

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