Are You Comfortable Being Uncomfortable?

Accountant With Neck Pain

Comfort in a specified context is a component of a professional niche. How comfortable are you in an uncomfortable situation. Many social workers and employees find themselves going to work in an environment that fails to provide the nurturing that they need to feel satisfied and experience success.

Equip yourself to manage uncomfortable work situations by taking care of your body and mind.

Stimulate and Exercise the mind – Read books for entertainment, do puzzles, listen to jazz, concert, or eclectic music.
Exercise the body – participate in 30 minutes of aerobic style activity at least three times a week.
Eat healthily – eat lower sodium, lower fat, and lower calorie foods. Eat more and a variety of vegetables.
Learn to relieve stress and relax – incorporate a stress relief routine into your day.
Get adequate rest – sleep when you are tired at night. Avoid ignoring the signs that you need sleep.

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