Are You in the Right Place?

Diverse Business People Working Together in Office

Are you able to be yourself in your current work situation? Are you in the right place and thriving professionally? The right place is defined as the environment that provides favorable conditions for professional and personal growth. Professionals who know and understand their vision and mission are best able to identify the environment that will nurture them and their professional/personal goals.

You are in the right place when you experience the following every day:
You are accepted and valued for being yourself.
You are excited to go to work.
You experience accomplishment.
Your efforts are recognized and applauded.
You inspire and positively influence others.
Challenges cause you to grow and develop.
You get what you need, when you need it and in the form that it is needed.
Workplace personalities complement each other.
Your actions, thoughts and behaviors align with the organization’s mission.
You are rewarded for commitment, dedication and loyalty.
Respect is a key component of the environment.
You are using your skills and abilities while gaining new and perfecting old.

Are you in the right place? Share a sentence or two telling us how you know that you are in the right workplace.

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