Are you Passionate or Compelled?

For REAL Social Workers This is Day 2 of the #YourTurnChallenge.  This is my second entry.  Yesterday I joined over 435 bloggers posting on the Your Turn Challenge blog.  I invite you to read some of the posts and enjoy the creativity that is prevalent in the world.

Are You Compelled or Passionate?

One focus of M.L. Bailey Consultants, Inc. is to help social workers find their career niche.  I created a model to define career niche.  When one works within their personal career niche, they are compelled, competent, and comfortable in a specific context.  Individuals, who work in their identified niche, experience greater satisfaction and success.

I am often asked the difference between having passion and being compelled.  Passion describes an overwhelming feeling of joy.  One can be passionate about baking, writing, or helping people.  Having passion implies a choice.  One can choose to bake, write or help people.  A person, who is compelled to perform a task, experiences a buildup of physical and emotional tension.  The tension is only released when the task is accomplished.   When one is compelled, there is no choice.  Peace will only occur after the task is performed.

Being compelled is a vital component to finding one’s true career niche.  It is not necessary to have a successful career, but it is vital to having a satisfying career.  Tell me if you are passionate or compelled on my facebook page.

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