Decision Making for Everyday People

It is important to pinpoint what you really desire because this knowledge will help you target the behaviors and actions that will propel you towards your desired outcome.  Structured decision making processes lead groups of participants through a series of activities to clearly define the desired outcome.  Participants deal with wants vs. needs; essential vs. non-essential; or important vs. unimportant.  These processes often allow participants to set aside gray areas or items for which they are undecided.  In the end, however, the gray areas are either discarded as not needed or added to the essential list.  These structured processes are a useful tool in groups; however, individuals need a simple method.

I propose the following simple method for pinpointing your true desire.  This method can be used in any situation.  This method starts with a mental image of what you want.  Write a description of your mental image.  Be very descriptive and describe the sights, sounds, tastes, or smells as they relate to your image.  Describe how items in your image feel when they are touched.  Describe how you feel in your mental image.  Detaiils are important. 

For those of you, who do not like to write, begin by writing a simple sentence.  You may then expand upon your idea using descriptive words or adjectives.  Once you have your narrative, you will have a clearly defined outcome.  You will then be empowered to develop targeted behavior and actions to reach your desired outcome.   

The following is a simplified version to give you the idea.

I want a dress.

I want a red dress.

I want a red, lace dress.

I want a red, lace, sleeveless dress.

I want a red, lace sleeveless, knee-length dress.

I want a red, lace, sleeveless, knee-length dress with a rounded neckline.

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