Five “E”asy Ways to Add Value to Your Work

>For REAL Social Workers When providing service to others, it is vital to add value to one’s own work experience. Adding value allows a measured action to compound into a greater benefit. The work of social service providers is mentally and physically draining. Adding value to your own work experience replenishes you and enables you to provide value adding service to your clients. Here are five easy ways to add value while you work. 
Eat fresh, unprocessed foods. I know how it works. You have worked through your lunch hour or you have little time to eat lunch. The easiest and quickest lunch is fast food. Before the end of the day, you become hungry and snack on candy or chips. Fresh, unprocessed food will provide nutrients to help you think and keep you energized. 
Engage in regular physical activity. Finding the time to exercise is almost impossible. Almost is not absolute. Physical activity helps to relieve muscle tension and enhances our physical health. Choose an activity that you will enjoy and use your creativity to find a time. It is important to be consistent. Check out the free 7 minute workout app. 

Establish ongoing daily relaxation routines. If you are like me, your neck and shoulder muscles tighten as you sit in front of a computer. Also, if you deal with difficult situations throughout the day, you become tense. Practicing relaxation routines to relieve stress throughout the day enables you to provide the service you desire. 
Embrace positive work relationships. Let’s face it, negative relationships are draining and counterproductive. The nature of some work makes it difficult to always have a positive outlook. Add value to your work experience by avoiding others who exude negativity. Additionally, recognize when you are displaying a negative attitude and strive to change. 

Enjoy the opportunity to work in one of the most rewarding fields. Be grateful, be humble and laugh a lot. 
Coming soon: Happy (1/2) Hour Relaxation

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