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Do you really trust your career to the spelling and grammar check tool? So many rely on this built in tool to identify and correct errors in writing. Spelling and grammar check have limitations. For this reason, writers should always proof read their materials.

Proof reading is considered difficult and makes us uncomfortable. We have forgotten our elementary school grammar rules. Anything beyond basic sentences will require research, which takes time. Spelling is another issue. Few of us got past the first round of our classroom spelling bee and how can you look up a word that you cannot spell.

Here are a few suggestions for addressing proof reading concerns:

Use a grammar resource like The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need. **
Use an online resource like 100 Most Commonly Misspelled Words.
Hire and pay a professional proof-reader.
Ask a colleague, who has exceptional writing skills, for help.
Read every word as it is written out loud; make sure it sounds right.

** Please note that I will make a small commission on purchases made through the R.E.A.L. Social Workers Amazon Store.

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