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The “Get Through the Day Without Losing it” challenge debuts in June. That is just a few days from today. I am being real when I share that there are many days when I have had it with the bureaucracy of my workplace. I don’t think I am alone. Work tasks are frustrating. Co-workers are frustrating. I know that I must frustrate them as well. Some days I feel like I am just running in place. I getting tired and going nowhere.

We all know that work stress is compounded by the stress we face at home. The school is calling; kids are calling; your spouse is calling. Everyone calls on you, but when you call, no one answers. When we are overwhelmed, our ability to think is compromised, we are more prone to infections, and we feel down.

The “Get Through the Day Without Losing it” challenge encourages behaviors that feed mind, body and spirit. For seven days you will learn and practice healthy ways to manage overwhelming stress. The tips, tricks and techniques all take 30 minutes or less.

This weeklong series is free. Sign up to receive a daily email with an audio inspiration, audio challenge, and guide in pdf format. They will have opportunities ask questions, share comments and experiences in the challenge group. This challenge is open to social workers, social service professionals and anyone else who needs or wants to relax when they are “in the moment.” To receive registration information sign up here.

I help social workers and other professionals to “get through the day without losing it.” I would love to hear from you. You may join the conversation by commenting on this post on our Facebook fan page REAL Social Workers Online Magazine, joining the “Social” Social Workers Project or connecting with me on LinkedIn. Learn more about and receive notifications about our 7 day “Get Through the Day Without Losing It” challenge.

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