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My best friend and I were talking about injections to address lines and wrinkles. We are both pretty fortunate in that we do not have wrinkles, yet. My best friend is an engineer and works on construction sites. She said that she was trying to figure out how to get rid of the line that goes across her forehead. The line is caused by the hard hat she has to wear every day at work. She thought about getting a Botox® injection.
Now, mind you, my friend is absolutely gorgeous. We are the same age. While I think that I am pretty youthful looking, she looks 20 years younger. She is also tall and willowy thin. Oh, I know her secret. She has a youthful gene pool and being a vegetarian does not hurt. Anyway, I told her that our family dentist gives Botox® injections. I inquired about the cost a few years ago. The answer I got led me to believe that getting Botox® injections in one area of my face was not worth the worry wrinkles I would get elsewhere trying to justify the cost.
I knew my friend would not be interested in knowing the cost. She is pretty tight with her money. We then talked about fillers. We dropped that discussion acknowledging that fillers were more expensive than Botox®.
Before moving on to some other topic, I said “I wish I could do something about these lines around my mouth.” Some of you have them too. They are the lines that look like parentheses enclosing my lips and extending to my nose.
Without losing a beat, my friend said “Marc, we are smilers!” “We smile and we laugh!” “I don’t mind those lines at all.”
My friend put it all into perspective. Those parentheses are proof of the joy and laughter we have experienced throughout our lives. My friend and I decided we did not need Botox® or filler. All we really needed was a good laugh.
Your assignment:
Share a laugh with a friend. It is good for your health and a great stress reliever.

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