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“Without taking a moment to celebrate victories both large and small it becomes all too easy to lose sight of what you’re all working towards.” This is a quote from the article “The Importance of Celebration in the Workplace” by Joy Ruhlmann. Successful corporate organizations make a habit of recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of their employees and that of the corporation. Corporations recognize and celebrate the longevity of employees. They usually celebrate landmark anniversaries.

Organizations use celebrations to build team connections and loyalty. Some organizations recognize employee birthdays. The employee may receive a card, an announcement in an in-house publication or a holiday day off. Professional or professional achievements are also recognized and celebrated. Organizations may announce weddings, birth or adoption of children, or education completion.

Organizations also celebrate organization based accomplishments. The article 4 Ways Innovative Companies are Celebrating their Employees by Matt Straz shares methods that organizations use to recognize employees for helping the organization meet its goals. The article states “Values based employee recognition significantly contributes to bottom-line organizational metrics and helps create a stronger culture and more human workplace.”

Recognizing employees creates an environment in which employees work harder together. This type of nurturing environment supports and promotes the goals of the organization. Organizational leadership has the power and authority to institute an employee recognition initiative. It would definitely boost production and employee loyalty.

What if your organization does not recognize employees? Recognize yourself and your accomplishments. Keep track of your productivity statistics. Make notes of major breakthroughs with clients or situations. Your notes should always outline the problem, the steps you took to alleviate the problem and the outcome of your efforts. Use this information to provide information for an interview or for your annual review.

You also should recognize the accomplishments of colleagues. Send a card of congratulations. Share an accomplishment, with your colleague’s permission, during a staff meeting. Buy them a cup of coffee or lunch to celebrate.

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