If Your Vision Sucks Your Business Will Too

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When I became serious about my business I had a clear outcome in mind. My business would help my children pay for their college education and would supplement my husband and my retirement income. I keep this mission before me when times get rough and times are rough more often than not.

Social workers are jumping into the entrepreneurial pool without clear vision. When I met LaShanda Henry, I was one of those entrepreneurs. I had an idea. I did not have a clue as to how I could use that idea to make money and for about 2 years, I floundered.

I started by attending one of her virtual masterminds. The presenters were successful women entrepreneurs like herself. I was inspired by their stories and excited by the possibilities they presented. They each provided step by step action plans. The conference helped to bring financial clarity to my idea.

I continued to follow LaShanda and eventually joined her SistaSense power circle. I had access to webinars, resources and a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs. As a member of the SistaSense power circle, I also had access to her expertise through two monthly clarity calls.

LaShanda’s clarity calls forced me to think deeply about my business aspirations. I often got off the phone with a headache feeling more confused about my vision than I was before the call. Trust me, LaShanda’s method for clarity forced me to ask and answer the hard questions. I had to answer what service or product am I providing? What unmet need is my service or product meeting? Who needs this service or product? When I answered those questions, I had to answer what will compel someone to purchase this service or product from me?

These questions were hard for me to answer which contributed to my inability to market effectively. It also prevented me from making any money. If you are planning to become a non-profit, for profit or socially responsible business owner want, you will need to answer the same questions.

The Back to Business Virtual Conference is being held on October 27, 2016. This year’s theme is Monetize Now: Tap into Your Profit Potential Online.

This virtual conference will includes 12 powerhouse speakers, including Kim Coles, Jai Stone and LaShanda Henry. They will share their wisdom and experience. Most of all, they will help to focus your actions toward success.

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