Joking Around

For REAL Social Workers My friend and former co-worker Ann tells the best jokes.   She retired last year after 30 years as a professional social worker.  I called her today and this was our conversation

Me:      “You have not told me a joke in a long time.  I need a joke to put in my blog.”

Ann (chuckling :)  “The only joke I know, you can’t put in your blog.  I heard it today.”  She proceeded to tell me the joke.  It was funny.  It was hilariously funny.  I am still laughing as I write this.  Sorry, I can’t share it.

Me:      “I can’t write that in my blog; but it is funny.”

Ann:     “You can put that in?”

Me:      “Nooooo! I can’t!”

Ann:     “Well, sorry… good luck”

I continued to laugh as we hung up.  My friend and I spent many hours together navigating our work world.  Our time together was usually filled with laughter as we told each other funny stories about our work and home lives.  We supported and encouraged each other through difficult situations.  We also helped each other when work became overwhelming.

Having a trusted friend at work is no joke for those of us in helping professions.  We need someone who is real and with whom we can be real.  It is a benefit that is not written into the compensation package.

I miss my friend, her jokes and our ride-a-longs.  I guess we will just have to go out for lunch. 

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