Lose Your Afternoon Doldrums in Less than 20 Minutes #realsw30

The focus of the Happy Half Hour Club is to provide relaxation tips, tricks and techniques that can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less. This means that when you are “having a moment,” you will know exactly what to do to settle your mind and reset your emotions. There are also moments, particularly in the afternoon, when you need a pick me up. Doldrums are the drowsy, bored or unfocused feelings that lead to unproductive behaviors. You may eat or look for something sweet like a candy bar or cookie. You may waste time and energy by talking to a colleague all afternoon. You might search the web for the latest pictures of Sasquatch eating fried okra with an orangutan. These are times when you need quick, easy methods to re-energize and re-focus.

Meditation practice is one method that contributes to all around wellness and helps to better handle the overwhelming stress of life. Guided meditation is a form of meditation in which a speaker provides directions during the session. It is perfect for individuals who are just starting a meditation practice or for those who prefer a guided format.

Guided meditation has many benefits. It can help increase your ability to think clearly and solve problems. It can also increase relaxed feelings. Guided meditations can provide specific outcomes as well such as relaxation. I have provided 30 minute guided relaxation sessions locally for the past six months. Participants have expressed that they enter feeling “stressed,” “rushed,” or “unsettled.” They leave feeling “totally relaxed.” For those of you who may be interested in participating in live virtual guided relaxation sessions, please sign up for information using the Happy Half Hour Club form.

One of my favorite guided meditation series is produced by The Honest Guys and today I received the latest installment in my inbox. It was entitled “Rejuvenate & Gain Energy – Guided Meditation for Study, Concentration & Alertness.” This video meditation is approximately 19 minutes long. Click the link to find The Honest Guys and enjoy.

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