Motivation is Good; Positive Habits are Better

You establish a goal and you find yourself fired up and ready to rock the world.  In the beginning stages, your excitement leads you to work towards your goal. You share your plans with friends and loved ones.  Your attitude and outlook are positive and you believe you are on your way.

Then, one day, you have a setback.  The progress you were making either stops or slows down.  You begin to feel your excitement dissipate and you begin to question your motivation.  Motivation is the compilation of factors that stimulate and give you the desire to begin.  It is often what we use to keep us interested and committed to attaining a goal. 

Motivation; however,  is tricky.  It works very much like a car battery.  If the battery does not get constant stimulation from the car’s alternator, the battery will eventually lose its charge and run down.  When the battery runs down, the car stops.

Positive habits on the other hand, create neuro-pathways that allow us to run on autopilot.  We act out our habits without thinking.  Create positive habits that will keep you moving towards your goal.  The progress you make will provide the motivation you need to keep going.

Check out the blog post by Scott H. Young dealing with habits.    

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