My Top 5 (un)Sexy yet Crucial Writing Resources

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Do you have difficulty writing a report, synopsis, or letter? The resources, listed below will help you to consistently write polished and professional compositions.

Thesaurus –
My favorite is Roget’s SUPER THESAURUS * by Marc McCutcheon. I own the 2nd ed.; however, the 4th ed. Is available. This resource has over 400,000 synonyms and antonyms with more with more words being added with each new addition. You can avoid overusing the same words. Your writing will be more interesting and engaging. This resource also has a reverse dictionary and cross-referencing that saves time and provides more word and phrase choices.

Online Dictionary –
My favorite is free Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. This link is stored in my favorites bar. This website has a thesaurus, medical dictionary, Scrabble resource and Spanish translator. It has brain break word games; word of the day, and informational videos. I can check the pronunciation of a word by clicking on the sound icon.

Rules of Composition –
My favorite The Elements of Style * by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White. This work is a classic and useful for anyone who is required to write technical or formal documents. It covers the rules of punctuation and principals of composition. It reminds a writer to get rid of unnecessary words. Did you ever have a teacher who wrote “too wordy” on your paper?

Grammar Rules –
My favorite The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need  * by Susan Thurman and Larry Shea. This is a grammar resource that should be in every writer’s library. If the grammar helps do not excite, the 908 most commonly misspelled words should. The authors also provide alternatives for wordy phrases.

Kick A** proofreader –
A good proofreader is difficult to find because proofreading is an art. Proofreaders should proof for clarity, comprehension, and cohesiveness. Does your writing make sense and adequately express your main idea. The proofreader should also proof for spelling, grammar and format. Does the writing utilize the proper structure and is it free of grammatical errors and misspellings.

* Please note: I make a small commission on purchases made through the REAL Social Workers Amazon Store.

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