No Time to Transition Q & A

Young Mother overwhelmed by her kids
Q: My work day does not end when I leave work. I have to drive my children to their after school activities that start immediately at 6:00 PM. As soon as they see me, they are telling me about their day. They are talking a mile a minute, raising their voices as they talk. Sometimes I feel as if a wave is about to drown me. How can I transition from work to home when home hits me in my car?

A: You need an opportunity to de-stress before you pick up your children. You need a five to ten minute pick me up.
Practice mindfulness, which trains the brain to be present in the moment. Before picking up your children, take five to ten minutes to practice mindful breathing. You will feel focused, calm and relaxed.
When you pick up your children, you will have shaken off the dust of the day.

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