Organizations: Lower Stress – Increase Profit 

>For REAL Social Workers Managing stress is an important component for a satisfying work experience.  Companies have a responsibility to address stress in the workplace as well.  A 2009 Whitepaper commissioned by the Regus Group ( studied workplace stress trends.  Global workplace stress increased appreciably between 2007 and 2009.  Organizations worldwide lost billions of dollars in lost productivity due to health and stress related causes.  Other highlights of this study are summarized as follows:

§  Business people in the US experienced the most dramatic increase in workplace stress than any in the world.

§  Workers reported that having to take on additional tasks or responsibilities without additional compensation contributed to increased stress levels.

§  Increased workplace stress contributed to the likelihood that key employees would leave.

§  Companies could save money and increase productivity by establishing flexible work arrangements.

§  Stress negatively affected employee motivation.  Self-control and professionalism were hampered which increased employee conflicts.  It also contributed to employee dissatisfaction and as indicated above, increased the likelihood that valued employees left for more satisfying work environments.

This information has implications for social service organizations.  Many social service employees experience high levels of stress due to low pay, lack of adequate administrative/supervisory support, limited resources and pressure to deliver increased services with fewer staff.  Social service organizations also lose exemplary staff which creates workforce deficits in creative, intellectual and social competencies.

These concerns can be addressed by progressive leadership and vision.  To begin, social service organizations can take steps to proactively contain and limit the stress employees feel.  Employees should also address their own stress related concerns.  M.L. Bailey Consultants, Inc. can help.

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