Plan to Limit Stress

Having too much on our plate increases our stress level.  So many of us cannot conceptualize the number of tasks we complete in a day.  Also, we rarely keep track of the amount of time or energy each task requires.  Our perception of the importance of a task also plays a role in the amount of stress it may cause us.  By the end of the day, however, we are mentally and physically tired.

Decreasing stress begins with a complete analysis and possible re-tooling of our day.  An activity I use with stress management clients begins with writing down a detailed account of their typical day.  They are instructed to begin from the time they awaken to the time they go to bed.  Because this task is involved and because the idea is to reduce stress, clients are instructed to break this activity into several parts over several days.  We review and analyze each activity for time, priority and perception. 

Once the analysis is complete, the client has a clearer picture of the activities that negatively impact his/her creative, mental and physical energy.  The client, with my assistance, begins to establish priorities, develop rational goals and incorporate appropriate coping strategies.  The result is a more satisfying daily experience.

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