Relieve Stress Before You Get Out of Bed

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I woke up this morning and took a long, slow cat stretch. For those of you who have a cat, you know how that looks. I raised my arms above my head, reached past my headboard and elongated my body. I pictured my cat Bootsie as I slightly arched my back and pointed my feet and spread my toes. I held the stretch for about 15 seconds. Bootsie will even open his mouth in a wide yawn sometimes. I did not do that this morning. When I released the stretch, my body felt awake.

Sometimes we jump out of bed without preparing our bodies. Our muscles are cold, stiff and our joints ache. Our muscles may also retain the physical effects of stress which would cause stiffness and achiness. Stretching, like a cat, provides a quick and easy method to wake up the body and start the mind with a relaxing message.

Try This:
Stretch like a cat three times before you get out of bed. Include the wide yawn. Share how it felt on Twitter. @MLBConsultants #RelaxinNBwkGA

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