Saving to Start Your Socially Responsible Business


Are you a social worker who wants to start your own socially responsible business? Do you lack the capital to get started? I found an article that I thought was quite interesting. I have spoken with a number of social workers who have an idea for non-profits and they immediately say “I’ll write a grant.” This is one way to fund your idea. I am all for starting from a position of strength and having your own money puts you in a position to do things the way you want.

I do not have a pot of money in my back yard from which to draw. Although I work a full time job, my salary is dedicated to household expenses and family obligations. I have had to be super conscious of growing my business with little to no financial support.

I am definitely on the “pay as you go” plan as I build my part-time practice/consultancy. I have had support from friends in the business and associates. I also have a super coach. Your situation may be different. You may have ample resources and capital to build your dream business or to work for yourself.

For those of you, whose situations are similar to mine, read the article below. It is a short read and it just might inspire you to try it.

The article “How I Saved $900 a Month so I could Finally Become my Own Boss” by Jessica Hatch shares her plan of action to save enough to become a fulltime freelance copy editor. You may find some of her actions useful.

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  1. Tiffany Thompson, MSW, CSW says:

    Dear Marcyline,
    Great article. I know that there are many in the field who want to open their own practice, start a non-profit or foundation, produce apps that help various populations and so on. Knowing how to fund your dream is key to seeing your dream come to fruition. Thank you for sharing this.
    Tiffany Thompson, MSW, CSW

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