Social Workers: The Secret (to success) is Out

Social Workers: Find Happiness to Experience Success

I shared a TEDxBloomington talk entitled The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Achor in a May 25, 2015 blog post entitled Social Workers: Finding Happiness to Experience Success. Dr. Achor shared the connection between happiness and work success. Happier people are more successful. His research found that individuals who focus on the positive demonstrate higher intelligence, creativity, and energy. Predictors of success include “level of optimism, social support, and ability to view stress as a challenge.” Dr. Achor also shared activities that when practiced regularly increased feelings of happiness and positivity.

I invite LCSWs and MSWs and those who work in the helping professions to try this with me. Let’s start a conversation about this practical solution for social workers. Choose and perform one of the following activities for 21 consecutive days. Click here to like our Facebook page and report your progress to this post on our page. You may also tweet your progress to @MarcylineB #happysocialworker

Choose and practice the same activity on a daily basis for 21 consecutive days:

Document three (3) new things for which you are grateful
Document one positive experience every 24 hours
Practice meditation
Write and send one note or email of praise or thanks to a recipient

I look forward to hearing from you.

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