The Dilemma

I am watching one of the shopping shows on television.  They are offering a product that I want.  I actually pulled up the website and got my wallet to place an order.  I am feeling a bit of stress.  The offer sounds great.  The product sounds great, but I committed to sticking with my budget and to purchasing essentials only.  I put my wallet back in my purse and continue to watch the show.

They have now sold over 16,000 and may sell out.  They are offering two products at a discount and a free full sized product.  Free shipping is also included.  Okay, so, if I don’t purchase the product today, I will pay $4.00 more and will not get the free full sized product.  Oh no, they are now offering a 10% off coupon for a future purchase.   Did I mention that they are also offering free shipping?

I call my husband, who is at work, to get permission to order the product.  He will tell me to ‘go ahead.’  Maybe he will tell me to use PayPal; I will conveniently mention that it is one of the payment options.  Darn, he didn’t answer.  I feel my chest tightening, my body is getting warm, and my muscles are tensing. 

I went to another website and looked at the product reviews.  The reviews are exceptional.  I am not surprised.  I have used products from this company with good results.  So, what is causing me to stress?  I can purchase the product; that is not the issue.  If I were to purchase it, I would get an excellent product at an excellent price. 

The dilemma is posed by my commitment to respect my budget and only purchase essential items for the next few weeks.  This purchase is not essential.  Purchasing the product would probably make me feel as if I betrayed my own trust.  The decision is made.  I will stay true to myself and my commitment.  Wow, that feels better; I can turn the television to another show now.   

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