Three Ways Social Workers Can Effect Positive system changes

For REAL Social Workers Day 3 of the Your Turn Challenge.  Over 1600 blog posts have been added to the Your Turn Challenge Blog.  My day three post is a call for social workers to do what we were trained to do.

I love the social work profession and it is important to make sure that the profession evolves into an innovative, creative force that fulfills its purpose.  Years ago social workers were considered change agents.  Today social workers are vilified, portrayed as weak, ineffective and unattractive; and viewed as uncaring individuals.  The reality is that social workers are constrained by antiquated social service delivery models.  Social workers can modernize these models to effect positive change.  Here are three suggestions for my colleagues.

1.>       Address the problem.  Social workers should actively create environments that recognize symptoms and address problems.  Social workers are trained to understand and develop systems.  Fragmented social service delivery systems address symptoms only.  Communities need systems that effectively address problems.  Ibuprofen reduces fever, but it does not cure the cause of the fever.

2.>       Collaboration.  Collaboration provides an opportunity to share and expand community resources.  Social workers are trained to build relationships.  These relationship building skills can facilitate long term cooperation among agencies.

3.>       Create, innovate and practice.  Social workers should relentlessly create innovative strategies.  Ideas should come from those who work on the front line or in the field.  Innovation allows social service agencies to stay current.  For profit corporations constantly look for ways to satisfy their customers.  Social workers can do the same.

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