Use Volunteer Opportunities to Gain Business #realsw30

Relaxing mothers

Simple acts of kindness can net benefits for your business. Free speaking engagements or presentations are a great way to show expertise. Complimentary demonstrations, however, allow potential clients to experience the benefit they can gain from using your products or services.

On Saturday May 7, 2016, I hosted a For Mothers Only: Guided Relaxation session for a group of grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren. The above picture shows a few of us chatting as we await the arrival of the other participants.

I shared relaxation and calming tips. I then led them to a state of deep relaxation using a guided relaxation script. Each participant received two adult coloring sheets, a red rose and my business card.

The result? I received a new client referral and inquiries regarding for pay relaxation sessions.

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