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“We define crisis as a state of “significant distress” following a critical incident. For many, the Presidential election was a critical incident. For an incident to be “critical” (and thereby, hurl us into a state of crisis) the incident must contain four parts: unexpected, personal, powerful and overwhelming.”

This is a quote from the article The Critical Election and the Crisis that Followed by Dorie Jones Co-founder and CEO of Crisis Support. I have known Dorie for many years and know her to be a passionate supporter and advocate for those who have experienced significant distress in their work and home lives.

Ms. Jones thoroughly explains the reason the outcome of this election was a critical incident to many. She also provides five action steps to move through this period of time in a healthy manner. To read this article click the link below.

The Critical Election and the Crisis that Followed

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  1. Tiffany Thompson, MSW, CSW says:

    Thank you for sharing this Marcyline. I found an article about this topic that noted, “Collective trauma is “a shared experience of threat and anxiety in response to sudden or ongoing events that lead to some threat to a basic sense of belonging in society,” says Jack Saul, the director of the International Trauma Studies Program. “It usually is a disruption to the social and moral order.” It also had some good ideas to try post election.

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