Looking for “Social” Social Workers


I am looking to connect with 500 social workers by creating a space for us to have conversations outside of the content that we read online or the emails that we send. My goal is to build a community of 500 “social” social workers. These social workers will benefit from the knowledge, experience and expertise shared by colleagues in a larger context.

We will converse and share practical information and recommendations based on our professional experiences as social workers.

This project is an extension of my current work with social workers and those who provide services to people. Colleagues have shared that they often feel isolated, misunderstood and frustrated with the systems in which they work. I can relate to these feelings. Can you?

While this project provides a forum for discussions, the primary purpose is to provide solutions and information regarding the concerns that are experienced on a day to day basis. Everyone’s input is important and valued.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur and I look forward to learning from the community as well. If you are a social worker, know of social workers or have friends and associates who would like to be a part of this project, CLICK HERE to join my private Facebook group.

While there, share your insight by answering the following:
What do social workers want vs. what do social workers need?

Outside of the private group, you can also find us on our fan page REAL Social Workers Online Magazine and you can personally find me on Twitter @MarcylineB #LCSW15 or #RealSW15

As always, I look forward to hearing from you and take good care.

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