Texting and Driving

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tlxjng8h3Tc This video is pretty graphic and thought provoking demonstrating in real time the hazard of answering a text message while driving.  Please take a moment to look; it is only 1:42 long.  It is hard to imagine that a few seconds of distraction could result in an accident.  Of course, it happens every day.  According to The National Safety Council, 1.6 million accidents occur each year due to texting while driving.

We are wedded to our phones, answering texts, responding to social media alerts, or posting our latest updates.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 71 % of teens and young people admitted to composing and sending a text message while driving.    Additionally, 78% admitted to reading a text message while driving.  Phones are not the only distractions.  Drivers experience distractions while grooming, adjusting the radio, or using the navigation system.  Texting is a major concern because it requires the use of manual, visual and cognitive functions and it takes an average of five seconds to complete.  Try an experiment.  Set your phone timer for five seconds and close your eyes.  You would never close your eyes that long while driving.

Encourage your teens to find a safe place for their phones while they drive.  They could turn the ringer down, turn the phone off or put the phone in the trunk.  They could also learn and practice restraint.

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