The Nature of it All

A few weeks ago my daughters were sharing their experiences of the day.  My mind was filled with the concerns of the past week.  This included work, children and a hospitalized husband.  As they talked, I looked out the window and saw a hummingbird.  “A hummingbird,” I exclaimed.  It had been several years since a hummingbird hovered in that particular area of our yard.  The girls and I silently moved toward the window and watched the hummingbird fly from one bud to another feeding on the plentiful nectar.  I was amazed that the hummingbird spent so much time in the overgrown area that was my summer garden.  It fed and rested while entertaining us with its vibrant color and quick movement.  Several colorful butterflies flitted from one bud to another also feeding on the plentiful nectar.  Since that day, I have watched numerous butterflies, honeybees and an occasional hummingbird feast.

That area, of our yard, became overgrown with weeds and out of control plant life.  Time constraints, abundant rain and neglect turned my once beautiful garden into an abandoned shamble.  The condition of my garden was my fault.  I kept postponing the work that would keep the area clear and pretty.  Pretty is relative.  The hummingbirds, bees and butterflies, however, didn’t care that I considered the overgrowth ugly and unwanted.  For them, it was a paradise of sustenance.

I thought about the weeks that led up to my husband’s hospitalization.  We were making a living, shuttling children, and ignoring the signs and symptoms of illness.  His physical health and my emotional health paid the price.  As a result, we learned more life lessons, reprioritized our lives and solidified budding friendships.

I stopped fretting about the overgrown mess acknowledging that some weeds have flowers.  The beauty is in the life it attracts and I am enjoying it.  That area of our yard has been cleaned up and we have planted our fall vegetables.  My worry was unnecessary because Mother Nature took care of its own.  We must remember to do the same.

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