Things Lost; Things Gained

It finally happened.  I misplaced my flash drive.  I use the word misplaced because it does not sound as final as the word lost.  I could blame it on my husband, who encouraged me to take it with me when we went to Charleston, South Carolina.  He asked “are you taking your laptop?”  I had not planned to take it.  Responding to my answer, he said, “I’m taking mine, why don’t you take your flash drive and maybe work on some things.”  That was a wonderful idea; I had plenty of work to do.  My husband usually has wonderful ideas.  So, I took it with me, I think.

I could probably blame it on my mother.  The day after we returned from Charleston, I traveled to St. Lucie County in Florida to visit her.  I spent several days with her prior to Thanksgiving.  I took my work satchel and laptop, thinking that I would work.  Surely, I took my flash drive; I thought I threw it into my satchel.  Didn’t I?  Work was the furthest thing from my mind during both trips.  I was too busy enjoying my family and friends. 

When I returned home, my thoughts were on the start of the holiday season.  My thoughts also turned to my self-imposed deadlines.  That is when I looked for my flash drive.  It is nowhere; well, it is somewhere, just not where I can see it.  That flash drive holds important information and ideas, all of which can be duplicated.  The time my loved ones and I shared created memories that we will always own.

I am not blaming anyone, not even myself.  I will be more careful when I travel and will mindfully put my work items in their proper place.  I expect my flash drive to show up at some point.  It is probably with my baseball cap that has been missing for a month.

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