Where I’ve Been

I’ve been absent from the blogosphere, Twitter and Facebook for several months.  I have not had  time to consider Pinterest or Instagram.  Did a new service launch in the last two months?   I have been dealing with , pondering, reviewing, considering and contemplating the various stages of life for various members of my immediate family, family-at-large, and myself.   
Life happens and it is not always neatly packaged in a gift box, with a pretty bow.  As a matter of fact,  life does not fit in a box.  The expansive, evolving nature of our every day existence requires that we function flexibly, creatively and lovingly.  We must first love ourselves and then act with love towards those around us.
We should also acknowledge that life, tomorrow, is not promised.   While we go about our daily tasks, we need to take the time to appreciate, value and cherish the moment.  Yep, we need to stop and smell the roses.   

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