Wisdom, Age and Resilience

Resilience is one’s ability to bounce back or to come back to normal after one has been stretched.  I read an article written by Bobbi Emel, MFT dealing with this particular subject. This topic is timely and Ms. Emel’s article is particularly insightful.  Ms. Emel outlines the lessons she learned from her conversations with her 99 year old grandmother.  Age brings wisdom and an outlook on life that older persons often wish they had when they were young.  

Youth definitely has its benefits, however, young people are struggling to manage their day to day lives due to life’s pressures.  Economic distress, job loss, divorce, illness, and other life stressors add to their inability to cope.

Older people did not and do not have a sense of entitlement.  They did not grow up with modern conveniences and expectations that their needs would be instantly met.  They worked, they lived, and they found enjoyment in  their lives.
They learned to be resilient.  Ms. Emel’s article may be found at the link below.


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